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Greetings, We are thrilled to have you all join us for West Georgia Winds 3.0! Our staff has incredible music picked out for you and is prepared to get the season of music making going later this month. Our communication this season will be hosted on our website We will not use an email thread this year as too many emails are blocked, marked as SPAM, and more. We will continue communicating to both groups through email until our first rehearsals begin later this month. A few reminders:

  • First Installment Due October 15th.

    • $50 for Middle School Division

    • $75 for High School Division

  • Remind 101 Code: @wgw23

  • Commitment forms for all students are due before the first rehearsal

  • Scholarship winners will be notified within the week whether they have been awarded or not.

  • PDF’s of all music will be sent out via email and our website before the first rehearsal. Students must print and prepare their music prior to our first rehearsal.

    • Part assignments will be included in the PDF’s as well.

  • First rehearsal:

    • Middle School: Sunday, October 22nd

    • High School: Sunday, October 29th

We look forward to making music with you very soon! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Sincerely, WGW Administration Team


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