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The Audition Process

Prepare your audition.

Students should prepare music from standard repertoire for their instrument as well as two scales of their choice. Three minutes is the maximum time allotted so that we can hear all auditions in a timely manner. You may use the GMEA All-State Lyrical etude or music from your current band class or private lessons. 


Percussionists should prepare two scales plus a mallet etude and a snare etude from the instrument's standard repertoire. You may use the GMEA All-State etudes or other materials at your discretion.

Submit an audition application form.

Record your audition.

Make sure that you and your instrument are both visible in your video! Introduce yourself and let us know what you will be playing. 

Your video should be uploaded to Google Drive, uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video, or formatted as a .mov file.

Submit your audition.

Send the link to your audition video to

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